Day Trip to Austria for Castle and Brewery Tour

We started the day with a wonderful breakfast at the IBIS Hotel: scrambled eggs, fruit, bread, cereal, coffee, tea, juice, and yogurt were just some of the options. We headed to Salzburg, Austria by bus. A tram took us to a castle. Free audio tours and a museum were among the nice things to take in. One room called the torture chamber was used as a prison and to store the torture devices, though none were believed to have been used on prisoners.

We walked down to a restaurant for lunch. Some ordered hamburgers (salty) and others ordered more german foods that did not have names. The restaurant had a smoking and non-smoking section. One waiter (the owner’s son?) served all the tables that we could see. He spoke English and English menus were available.

From there, we went to Eggenberger International in Vorchdorf, Austria. We were warmly welcomed by Manager, International Operations, Karl Stoehr and treated to beer and pretzel sandwiches. He told us about the history of his brewery. It has been in his family for eight generations and is now totally owned by his father. His brother manages the local side of the business. He gave us a tour of the brewery. He exports beer to Alberta and around the world.

Following the tour we had bratwusrt, pretzels, apple streusel (a regional specialty) and sampled more beer. We went by bus to the hotel.

IMG_2544 IMG_2518 IMG_2556IMG_2470 IMG_2499

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