May 6th

The tour of Mercier Champagne House exceeded our expectations. The Mercier Champagnmay 6the House is a family business, and was founded in 1858 by Eugene Mercier. It was interesting to hear of the Champagne house’s debut to the public at the 1889 world fair. They actually rerouted traffic and demolished houses to get a very large cask containing 200,000 bottles of their Brut Champagne to the fair! The cask was made of materials from Portugal, and was transported by 24 oxen. After learning of the history, we proceeded to the elevators, where we took a very interesting decent into the caves of the Mercier Champagne house. The underground tunnels are 18KM in total! We toured the tunnels on an underground train. Unbelievable!!

It is important to note that the term Champagne only applies to sparkling wine made of grapes from the Champagne region of France. All other forms of sparkling wine should just be referred to as sparkling wine. The grapes grown in the Champagne region of France are delicate and a bit of a challenge to maintain. This explains why Champagnes are more expensive. The tour concluded with a wine tasting of Mercier’s Champagne Brute. Manifique!!


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