May 7th

Merck KGaA was founded in 1668 in Darmstadt, Germany. It is the oldest pharmaceutical company in the world. Emanuel Merck took the reins of company in 1827 and converted the company into a reseMay 7tharch-based organization. The company has diversified over the years from chemicals in to pharmaceuticals and, liquid crystal display product used to manufacture smart phone and flat screen televisions. The company spends almost 25 percent of its revenue on Research and Development. Innovation has been a key for the company to stay ahead in pharmaceutical business. Its pharma products comprise of preparations for treating colo-rectal cancer, diabetes, heart problems, multiple sclerosis and infertility. The company employs roughly 9,000 employees working at the Dramstadt headquarter, and has operations in 66 countries across all continents. It has a 39,000 plus workforce and is still a family run enterprise. The Merck family holds 70 percent equity and the rest is in the form of shares outside the company. The company chooses successor from the family using consensus and democratic process. Senior management leadership and the Merck family shareholders are liability partners in the business. We ended our visit with treat of cake and beverages from the company and after visiting toxicology and production divisions.

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