May 8th

By: Harum Nadeem, Wesley Cheung, Rachel Li, Ruby Gong, Kurtis Young

We started the day off by meeting on the bus at 8:30am and singing
happy birthday to Shu. We then drove to the WHU Campus in Vallendar,
Germany where we met our guide for the day, Nicole Nagel. Once we got
into the lecture room, all the students had prepared a token of their
appreciation for all of the instructors involved in this Europe trip.
Each one was presented a card signed by all the students and
chocolates as a small thank you for all the hard work put into the
organization of the trip. Shortly after, we had a guest lecture from
Professor Dr. Sabine Rau, chairholder of family businesses at the
university. She gave a great presentation in regards to succession
planning in a family business and provided first hand experience with
the emotional costs involved in regards to the Rau family business.
Part of the lecture was a group case analysis of her family business,
which helped us understand the difficulties involved in succession

After the lecture, we headed down to the vaulted cellar of the
university to have a delicious meal consisting of chicken, fish,
pasta, mixed salad, and vegetables! Although everyone was stuffed, we
headed back to the lecture room where Dr. Lloyd Steier debriefed us on
the entire trip. We voiced our opinions on changes for future trips
but considering our large group and all the activities, everyone
agreed that the trip was well organized and everyone involved did a
great job. We then headed to the castle Marksburg for a guided tour
that took us around the castle grounds. It was cool to look around a
castle that had been preserved since the 1300s. Unfortunately it was a
rainy day at the castle, but we still managed to have a great time and
take lots of pictures!

Once the tour finished, Nicole took us to supper at Maximillians
Brauwiesen in Lahnstein. There we ate a very large meal that had every
kind of German meat we could dream of. There was also a vegetarian
dish that tasted like macaroni and cheese. Nisarg drank a whole bowl
of gravy thinking it was soup, only to find out after the fact. Then
we drove back to the hotel and went out for Shu’s birthday as we had
free time the rest of the night.


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